Ryan Black (English Edition)


During her stay in Talin, Sky gets to know Ryan. He is handsome, sexy and incredibly seductive. Despite all that, she keeps him at a distance. Because Sky is only after one thing: To have fun with her friends, leave the past behind, and begin her new life. However, Ryan is insistent and Sky’s resistance crumbles. When they finally get closer to one another, Sky suddenly disappears. Will he ever see her again?

This romance novel is around 416 paperback-sized pages and has explicit sex scenes in its content. As there is no cliff hanger, and no cheating, the story features a hot millionaire and a strong woman with a difficult past.

The book is the first part in a series, but Ryan and Sky’s story reaches a conclusion. The next instalment revolves around another member of the Fire&Ice group.

What readers are saying:

"A great story, which can be really distinctive, in terms of how and whereabouts you get to know the protagonists [...]" Claudinchen

"[...] Whomever is looking to delve into something relaxing to read, funny and erotic with a lot of feeling, will be carried away here in the best way. Love it!” BloodyAngel

"[...] Everything that the heart of a true literary romantic needs! Love, sex, plot tension, and fun, paired with sexy men and pretty girls! I devoured the book in one go! [...]" Mell.W





1 Talin




“So, you’re finally back” Maya called out to her best friend Sky.

 Yeah. Thought Sky. Finally back in Talin!

The two friends have visited this medieval festival, which is held over 2 weeks, for 8 years in a row with their group, the Setarips. They’ve always been the same team, only Sky wasn’t a part of the party for the last two years. She is thrilled to be finally on this journey with her friends again. The last two years were a living hell for her.

Don’t think about that! She forced herself to let go of the past and to focus on the future awaiting her.

Gregor, the self-appointed leader of her group, called out “Ladies and Gents, let’s get moving! We will begin with the big tent. Come over here now!”

Like all the years before, everyone pitched in and their accommodation for the next 14 days was erected in three hours. The campsite included a big, black sleeping tent with room for up to 20 people, a smaller tent leading to it and a black yurt style tent with a good 50-foot circumference. Once everything was set up, Maya, Alexa, Zoey, and Nina arranged candles, blankets and trunks around the tent to make it cozier. Jack and Taylor dedicated themselves to securing wood and straw from the storage area. Gregor had already begun to sort out the campfire.

Sky sat slightly off to the side on a small quilt and took a break to enjoy the atmosphere of the campsite and the surroundings of Talin.

She felt on and off being watched by someone, even though upon looking around, there was no one there. There was just this horrible feeling that something was amiss. Her heart was racing and it seemed difficult to keep her breathing under control. Sky had such anxiety that it all would start over again. She thought about it constantly.

After a few minutes, Fabio, her best friend from their days in diapers, sat down next to her and her anxiety vanished.

“You good?”

“Totally!” She answered. It didn’t sound as convincing, as she wanted it to, but she had simply drifted too far away in thoughts.


“No really Fabio. I’m fine, better than fine! I was just deep in thought for a moment, but all I want is to keep looking forward.” Sky interrupted her best friend.

“Okay babe, but please let me know, if you need any help! And don’t let me know when it is almost too late again!”

The dig at her ability to ask for help was something that she cannot fault him for. She leaned against him and together they enjoyed watching what was going on around the campsite.

Sky loved to cuddle in his arms. Much too long had she had to endure without his company.




“Ryan, Ryan, we are here!”

He saw Alex, his best friend from Germany, wave at him from afar. He parked his black Porsche Cayenne on the curb by the big wall, which divided the grounds into two. Then he walked the rest of the 220 yards where he was to spend the next two weeks.

It’s his whole year’s vacation time since he took over his father’s firm 11 years ago. He was only 18 years old and had hardly gotten a day off since then.

Ryan had promised his father right before he died, that he would do everything in his power to preserve the business. He was happy to do it. Ryan loved the responsibility and he loved to not be under anyone else’s control. Of course, he enjoyed the comforts that came along with being one of the most successful businessmen of Boston as well. He was happy to grind away for money and girls.

Despite all of it he was happy to put that stuff aside for a couple of weeks. He looked forward to being among 5000 equally medieval crazy peers for two weeks. Without those fake friends, who only wanted to ride on his coat tails. There would also be no gold-digging girls, who would do anything to hook up, in hopes of being supported by him. Here, he could just be himself. Just Ryan and not Ryan Black, top young businessman and Boston’s most eligible bachelor.

He reached Alex and his group and was welcomed by all. After some more hugs, slaps on the backs and pleasant small talk, Ryan tried to get an overview of the space. His verdict was: Total chaos!

“Hey man, Alex, how long have you guys been here?” He asked.

“Hmm… about 3 hours? The guys and I wanted to toast our reunion.” Alex grinned. Chris came to greet Ryan and simultaneously placed a cold beer in his hand. For most of the group, the time in Talin would be their only chance for relaxation. Nobody had any intention of getting stressed by anything.

It had already gotten dark and they finally needed to set up camp.

“It’s no use guys, we must begin to set up now.” A mutual grumble and moan spread through the group, even though, everyone quickly finished their beer and began the rather unpleasant job of setting up.

Ryan looked around the camping grounds and noticed the sites of other groups. The amazing tents and the abundantly set tables were quite a sight as were the small trunks, pots, fur rugs and weapons. There were large and smaller groups, who had already completed setting up the majority of their camping sites.

Towards the edge on the left side of the camp ground, Ryan noticed a group preparing dinner. They were cooking on the barbeque by the campfire. The smoky scent of the meat made his mouth water and the cheery voices had inadvertently captured his attention.

The young blond woman in the middle of the group immediately caught his eye.

I’d love to get to know her later. Ryan thought and went to work alongside the others.




She noticed the way the black Porsche headed into the camp ground.

What a show-off! She thought as the car pulled up directly to the curb. She was almost speechless when she watched the driver got out of his car.

He was tall, dark, handsome and built – unbelievably sexy. He moved most elegantly and radiated high self-esteem. He leaned against the wall and arrogantly observed the camping site with the demeanor of an alpha male.

He’s dangerous. Her subconscious mind whispered.

She was unable to make out the details of his facial features and when Gregor called her for dinner, she was relieved as she would have almost come up with an excuse to get closer to him, so she could observe him more intimately.

She had only really realized recently how much she treasured having dinner alongside all her friends. Such pleasures had been denied her during the last two years.

They shared food from the grill with baked potatoes and bread. After dinner, they all sat around the campfire late into the evening, drinking and laughing together.

Fabio sat behind Sky and took her in his arms again. She sat between his legs and leaned back against his broad chest. He was a lot of things to her; a true friend, a companion, a brother and her knight in shining armor. He always helped her, not only physically, but above all else, emotionally. That was why she loved him immensely.

Sky truly enjoyed lying in his arms. She felt comforted, knowing that this time with him would soon come to an end. She had made up her mind and decided to move abroad. Sky wanted to begin a new life and stand on her own two feet. She had already told the others about her plan. However, only Maya knew at this point that her decision had become more concrete over the last few weeks. She would have to tell her other friends at the end of these two weeks in Talin. Meanwhile she didn’t want to ruin this precious time for them and for herself. So, she simply enjoyed the evening in the arms of her big, if not biological, brother surrounded by her friends. She intended to only live in the moment over the next two weeks.




Two and half hours later, Ryan’s group was also finished with setting up their camp site. Tyler, who was known only as Ty to everyone, was attaching the banner with the group’s name over their tents entrance.

“Fire&Ice” He murmured the name of their group, which they had chosen 10 years ago, on account of doing a fire-based show in Russia.

It was their first stage appearance and the combination of the Russian winter and the fire eating show had left a lasting impression on the whole gang. Chris had muttered the name Fire&Ice back then and Alex thought that this would be the perfect name for the group. Everyone felt excited by it and no one ever doubted the name from then on.

“It’s awesome, right?” Alex interrupted Ryan, who was in deep thoughts about the past.

“Yes.” He answered, still held captive by his memories.

“What do you think, bro, should we go have a look, what’s out there for us to conquer this year?” Alex grinned mischievously.

“No, sorry Alex, I have already laid my eyes on the prize before setting things up.” He retorted with a smile.

Alex raised his eyebrows but said nothing. He had known his friend for over 25 years and knew Ryan was decisive.

“Good, then I’ll head off with Chris, Ty and the others. See you later by the fire.” Alex replied and joined his friends.

When Ryan once again turned towards the sweet looking blond, he saw her walking right then in the direction of the washroom-trailer. Alone.

This is my chance. He thought and then quickly followed her. As he turned the corner, he saw her sit down with strangers at a campsite.

Not an ideal situation to approach her now…. He waited in hopes that she would leave soon again. She quietly laughed with the others. It sounded magical, not overbearing, soft – simply fascinating. Everything about her fascinated him. Her blond hair was almost down to her waist and her figure was slim. She had a lovely, round behind and full breasts. He could catch a much better glimpse of her now than he could before.

Yes, he desired her. She would be his conquest this year.

When she felt his presence, she looked up and met his gaze over the campfire.

Her heart shaped face was flawless. Beautiful big expressive eyes in the clearest blue he had ever seen, framed by thick, long, black lashes looked back at him. Her eyes were slightly cat-like.

She had a cute little nose, which turned up a bit at the end, and her high cheek bones and full rose-red lips painted her full portrait. Only as her perfect mouth formed a shy smile, she lowered her gaze.

“Ryan, Ryan!” The high pitched tone of someone’s voice jolted him out of his daze and a skinny, brunette chick had draped her arms around his neck. He recognized her, he only didn’t remember from where.

“Oh Ryan, I was totally hoping to see you again this year.” She said.

Fuck! She was last year’s adventure hoping for a repeat. “Okay, hey, hi.” Answered Ryan and gently removed her arms from his neck. He looked around but was unable to locate the sweet, blond goddess anywhere.

Shit, this waiflike fling I had last year, has sacred my “target” away.

He was pissed off but at least he knew where he had to go to look for her. The brunette started to grope him again but he grabbed her hands and pushed her slightly away.

“Hey, listen, it was nice to have seen you again.” Said Ryan and tried to emphasize the past tense of his sentence. “But I must get going now.”

She smiled and tried to link arms with him. He quickly moved away from her and then added, “Without you.”

That sounded harsh and he noticed that her eyes were slowly tearing up. Before she could make a scene, he turned around and walked back to his camping site.




She spotted Mr. X, an imaginary name she had given the driver of the black Cayenne, over by the campfire of her old friend Andy. She couldn’t take her eyes off him. He was gorgeous with his pronounced chin, jet black hair, which looked as soft as silk. She imagined what it would feel like to run her fingers through it. He had dark almost black eyes with thick, dark lashes, the kind that makes women jealous. His nose was long and straight, his lips narrow. The three day old beard, gave him a rugged and sexy appearance. She caught his sparkling eyes looking at her over the fire and immediately returned his smile. She then hastily sunk her eyes as she didn’t want to make any new male acquaintances, particularly not with guys who looked like they were as dangerously seductive as he was.

Sky heard a high pitched voice call out for Ryan and when she looked up, a stunning brunette attached herself to Mr. X’s neck.

When the woman spoke again, Sky finally heard the name of this gorgeous guy on the other side of the campfire: Ryan. The name was as sexy as the guy himself.

He seemed uncomfortable in the woman’s embrace, but the way Sky knew men like him he must have somehow brought that on himself.

Sky hugged Andy briefly to say goodbye to him, waved at the others and then went back to her own campsite.

She quickly walked down the dark trail and kept hearing steps behind her and the snapping of twigs.

You are just imagining it! She thought, yet she walked faster and was relieved when she finally spotted her camp site.

It was a ritual for Sky and her friends to have a glass of wine by the fire and to sing together the first evening after the site was set up.

Taylor and Gregor grabbed their guitars as they did every year. They sang new and old songs, from different musical genres. A wide range of lyrics were included from current hits to songs from the middle ages.

 It didn’t get too late that evening; everyone had had a long day and a far and stressful journey. Well before midnight, they settled into the sleeping tent.

Sky lay down between Fabio and Maya the way she always had. And just like he used to, Fabio pulled her closer and held her head against his chest. He fell asleep a few minutes later.

Even Sky could not deny the warm, familiar energy surrounding her and fell asleep quicker than she had on any given day in the past two years.